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We help language coaches & language schools grow their businesses

It's simple and it's different

Do what you love. Impact more. Earn more.

Here's How We Help...

Become a Business

Develop the foundational setup to operate as a business in the fast growing alternative education economy

Launch Your Academy

Learn how to get started fast launching your academy or launching new services in 6 weeks or less

Automation and Systems

One-click-installable software for language schools to scale their time and get them more customers.

Business Mentorship

Ongoing business coaching and mentorship to always know what the next agenda is to drive the needle forward.

Custom-Built Advertising

Proven ad strategies to immediately bring in 10-20 students a month on demand or several high-ticket clients

Mastermind Community

Expert guidance from our exclusive support community — Weekly Workshops and Q&As so you stay on track.

How It Works

Our Language Academy Accelerator Program gives language, communication coaches and institutes a growth map and a customizable rock-solid student acquisition system that generates 5-10 high-ticket students per month on just a $10 daily ad budget, or free organic strategies, whilst growing their brand for long term stability.

Success Stories

Gydion knew just how to reach the exact people who need my services and were ready to buy them! (And they DID)

So my total (which could still increase) is 10 paying clients from the campaign. And 60 plus new names and emails for my mailing list. Many thanks to the amazing Gydion Kummer

Liz Bigler

Owner, Bigler English Coaching

This course has really helped me grow my business

Before working with Gydion I had been trying to run the business on my own with limited success. Now I have sold some high-ticket courses following Gydion's approach and can see a future for the business after a long period of struggle. We have also worked together on a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

Daniel Caffarey

Owner, Learn London

His ongoing support is fantastic, highly recommended to take you to the next level!

I highly recommend working with Gydion if you want to bring your teaching or coaching business to the next level! [...] I needed that extra help to move into the next phase, of coaching groups and making the most of my hybrid program of an online digital course combined with coaching sessions. Gydion gave me the confidence and pointed out where I was going wrong, using his system I have managed to start a few hybrid groups now!

Nicola Pollock

Owner, Express English coaching

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